Customer Cockpit


NAV is great, all the information is there, but in some cases, you need to go over too many screens to get all the information you need.
To help you with this, I developed the Customer Cockpit: all the information you need to see about your Customers, and Actions you need to do (like issuing reminders) can all be done from this single screen.

See the video: Customer Cockpit

And for each open entry, a second screen is developed that enables you to access all relevant information.:

Some features of the Customer Cockpit:

  • Setup defined columns
  • Issued reminders are recorded in the comments, on update
  • User-defined tasks per salesperson per Open Entry
  • 1-click information access to comments of customers and entries
  • 1-click creation of Credit Memo from Entries-Screen
  • Payment behavior visible
The price for the Customer Cockpit is 495,00 euro, it needs 3 free tables and 5 free form and will work in any NAV environment. Is available in Forms and Pages.



For a Pickfords Moving Services, the largest moving company in the UK, with over 300 users, I developed this Workflow screen.

It was designed to speed up the implementation to reduce the training time for the users.The screen is totally interactive and it shows the processflow the users need to follow in Navision, the status of the file, warning indicators in case special attention is needed and improved search possibilities.
The screen reduces the need for users to access the different menu-options in Navision because all they need is all in one screen.

Please contact me if you want to know more about the possibilities for a Workflow screen in your Navision.